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Systrasolar has brought a massive change in the field of solar energy and in no time has established various new techniques too. The virtue of the solar energy and its application has been taken to a very new level with the involvement of Systrasolar. Starting from the solar panels to solar power projects; our work has shown augmentation in every field and is now running large solar power plants all over the globe. When it comes about working with the technology we can take the pride of saying that we always stand on the edge of the developments and innovations. To give the further grip, we would like to share our contribution with GIS.

GIS is also known as Geographic Information System and is used for a very precise purpose that is to congregate, analyze and supervise the received data.

Now you must be wondering what is Systrasolar GIS right?

Systrasolar GIS is a structure through which the company works for the betterment of the society and also to reserve the non-renewable resources. Here our team with the help of the advanced software can smoothly analyze the information of any location required. It helps us to contribute towards the workforce with further increase of productivity of the solar energy concerning the advent of technology. Through Systrasolar GIS we can by far perceive the development of any area despite its location and can streamline accordingly. Not only this, but the real-time data can also be shared concerning the production and use of solar energies in the projects.

Is Systrasolar GIS capable enough to meet the need of the hour?

Where a number of large solar power projects are coming into action all over the world intending to maximize the use of renewable resources; at this point, this question can be asked. Hereby we are listing out some of the exclusive details about the Systrasolar with GIS to get things on the place and also to understand the collaboration –

  • Easy installation:

With a power of 0.5-1MW, these solar panels come with the off-net photovoltaic system. It means it can be easily installed in any of the areas plus there is no extra stress or labour required for its maintenance.

  • No storage battery required:

In most of the cases, the use of storage battery is mandatory so the energy can be used for future use or likewise. But when it comes to Systrasolar GIS, the storage battery is nowhere involved. Not only this, the grid used with the connection of the power production structure is well proficient to convert the solar energy to electrical energy.

  • Helps in irrigation:

As it does not require storage batteries, there is no need to add other equipment as well. Now with the use of photovoltaic system the light energy can be directly converted into irrigation pumping pump. Thus, it means the pump will work automatically taking power from the solar panels.

Is Systrasolar GIS a good choice?

To answer this question in a precise manner, we need to have a look at some facts and figures –

Talking about the facts these panels are well capable of working correctly and devoid of any flaw with a conversion rate of 98.7%. So the calculation is apparent that we are getting almost the absolute solar energy converted into power. Undoubtedly, it turns out to be a perfect choice for both domestic and industrial upfront.

Is Systrasolar safe?

With the use of GIS technology the gathering and analysis of data take place at the forefront which at the very first stage reduces the consumption of power and increases the heat dissipation ratio. Along with this, it protects the alarms from giving weak signals too. With the adoption of the speed parameter system and PWM algorithm, the adaptation rate is very much specific and has less or no damage.

After having a lengthy discussion, we can come to a conclusion that Systrasolar GIS is what we need now. Systrasolar is into this business since last five years and have served nations like China with the name of Systrasolar, Asia along with other countries globally. We are geared up amid all enthusiasm with a motto to work towards the sustainable development and have endeavoured to spread our work all over the planet with clean and safe energy.

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